The End Result.

The last meeting at the camp in Oakhurst at Calvin Crest Camp. A great ending to our Convention / Camp for 2017. Over 40 visitors from overseas and local assemblies including Canada, which gave us a great variety of talks and items. Pastor Darryl Williams from Melbourne and Pastor Kevin Quirk from Perth were our keynote speakers at the camp portion of the event.  Pastor Kevin was accompanied by his wife Leslie

We in the Fresno Assembly are extremely grateful for all of our visitors and the effort they made to be a part of our 30th anniversary event.

Fresno Revival Fellowship 2017 Camp Photo


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Fresno Camps at Camp Yeager, on the coast at Cambria, California 2019

If the Lord has not returned!

Youngies Camp, June 17 – 20,   General Yearly Camp October 25 – 28. 

Camp Fees for all camps are $70/per person and a maximum of $210/Family. This includes accommodation at camp in rustic cabins. You need to bring your own sleeping bags, pillows, towels, toiletries, etc. For visitors coming to camp that are planning on staying IN camp, we do have a limited number of sleeping bags, pillows, and pillow cases available.

If this is not your style then there are a lot of hotels in Cambria. Prices should be reasonable, but it might be worth checking ahead. If you can get a hotel without breakfast it would be an advantage because breakfast will be served at camp. 2 meals per day will be provided. Lunch is your responsibility and a good time for fellowship in Cambria. For the Youngies camp all meals are provided

No dinner will be served on the Fridays of February and October camps, so either have it on the way or bring something with you to have when you get there.

Overseas visitors can pay their fees when they arrive at camp. US visitors can mail their fees to us at : The Revival Fellowship, 3306 E. Saginaw Way, Fresno CA 93726. Mark your checks with “Camp Fees” please, and the dates of the camp you are going to

Calvin Crest, For those of you that are familiar with our previous camps at Calvin Crest we made a decision this year after the camp to have all our camps at camp Yeager. Several issues were taken into consideration in arriving at this decision. The length of camp and the expense for a 47 hour camp, among others.  Camp Yeager is much more conducive to fellowship and has a better “camp” atmosphere.

If you plan on coming to one of our camps please let us know as soon as you can so we can plan ahead by using the form below. Give us the details of how many, how old, gender, and when and how you will arrive and how we can contact you by email and phone. Overseas visitors do not need to give us a phone number. 

Camp Enquiries Form for both camps

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