Welcome to The Fresno Revival Fellowship Blog.

I know nothing about blogs, so I am flying a bit blind. The purpose of this one is to really find out what happens after I actually post it. I am currently working on a new website (this one) for our assembly. This will eventually replace the one we have Revivalusa.org. But having this, and believing that very few actually know about it I can work on it and make mistakes and correct them without too many people knowing about it, which helps my confidence a bit. As I get used to doing this, I may just write some profound (I hope) scriptural things that will encourage everyone that reads them. They might also find their way onto facebook as well, which will advertise the site. You might just get newsy bits of info as well about what we are up to, or about to get up to. Steven will perhaps manage to post a few little excerpts from his videos on the site as well. Who knows, well fortunately God knows what we can do, and we will rely on His help to get us through all of this. If some of the pages are repetitive right now, bear with us, all things will be fixed eventually.

God Bless

Ps. David